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H.O.T. Broking (Islamic)

An investment offering that humanises the way for you to make Shariah-inspired investments with greater precision.
Account opening fee: RM10
Service charge: Free

The right way to invest is H.O.T
Maybank H.O.T Broking opens the way for end-to-end Shariah-inspired equities trading.
  • HONEST views on Shariah-compliant stocks listed on Bursa Malaysia and other international bourses
  • OPENS channels for all via Maybank2u, our Share Investment Centres (SIC) and selected Maybank Branches
  • TRANSPARENT information from purchase of stocks to trade settlement and removes any elements of uncertainty in compliance with Shariah principles
H.O.T Broking is investing with peace of mind
Maybank H.O.T Broking is an investment offering that humanises the way for you to make Shariah-inspired investments with greater precision. With H.O.T Broking, you can:
  • Build your wealth to secure your family's future by investing in stocks that strictly fulfill ethical and socially responsible values as according to the Shariah.*
  • Rest assured that all your equity trades are end-to-end Shariah-compliant.
  • Control your investment strategy rather than rely on a fund manager, giving you the independence to make the decisions and make the call.
Ultimately, H.O.T Broking lets you invest with Confidence, Control, Convenience and Care - our 4C's for wealth building. * Investing in any stocks does not guarantee profit. Person wishing to rely upon this information should consult directly with the source of information or obtain professional advice.

  • Over 88% of Bursa Malaysia stocks are Shariah-compliant which includes blue chips from various sectors.
  • Stocks are duly approved and constantly monitored by the Shariah Advisory Council (SAC) to ensure they are free from interest, uncertainty and gambling.
  • Accommodates investors and institutions seeking Shariah-compliant investments and those who wish to invest in only Shariah compliant stocks.
  • Offers end-to-end Islamic solutions to cater to investors looking for ethically based stocks at competitive prices and rates.
  • No contra charges and no hidden costs.
  • Charges are based on the Islamic Interbank Money Market (IIMM) rates.
  • No interest charges, only ta'widh or ‘compensation' on outstanding amounts.
  • Funds are deposited in Maybank Wadiah accounts.
Opening of Account
Direct access to trade in shares listed on Bursa Malaysia
  • Account opening fee: RM10 for opening of Islamic CDS account and RM10 for opening a Conventional CDS account
Share trading account
  • Service charge: Free
  • For trading using your own funds
  • Buying limit for your trading account is based on Maybank Investment Banks' collateral system:
    Cash in trading account (trust) 3X
    Shares 2.5X (capped at closing price)
    E.g.: If you have RM10,000 in your trading account, then your trading account will have RM30,000 buying limit.
  • Upon trade settlement date, T+2 (purchase date plus 2 days), you can make full settlement by paying us the difference between the purchase amount and the cash available in your trading account. This payment can be made at any Maybank branch or online via
  • Shares available in your trading account will be given collateral value based on the collateral system and hence no placement of cash is needed to make purchases.
Non-margin financing
If you choose to use your own funds to invest, your Maybankinvest-i account will be debited on the purchase settlement date (T+2 = transaction date plus 2 trading days) based on availability of funds.
Non-margin financing facility (customer's own funds)*
Types of collateral Total Trading Facility
Approved Shariah Shares 2.0 times
GIA/FD 3.0 times
Cash 3.0 times
* Terms & Conditions apply
** Subject to Bank's capping and any other collateral / security acceptable from time to time

Who can apply
  • Anyone aged between 21 to 65 years old
Required documents
  • Application form
  • Two photocopies of NRIC
  • 3 months' bank statement / salary slip / Form J

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